Why are TGS walking round the world?

TGS Regional conference season means we normally spend the month of May on a world tour to meet our members in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas. This year, of course, we can’t travel and our conferences are online. We have a much lighter carbon impact with less flights but we are missing out on the social contact which is the driving force of an international network. It’s all about achieving joined-up thinking and that’s harder to do without shared experience.


With the help of RaceNation we found a good way to still have a fantastic international shared experience and a world tour – on foot.


What is ‘TGS Walks Round the World’?

‘TGS Walks Round the Word’ is an online/in-real-life challenge to walk a combined 40 000km – the distance to circumnavigate the globe. There is no charge to use the RaceNation app but we do ask you to donate £5 to the WWF.


You don’t even have to be a TGS member to take part…it’s open to everyone and we’ll be delighted to have you walk with us!

Our TGS Walks Round the World project aims to help:

  • TGS do good for the planet (everyone donates £5 to the WWF, does not fly to a conference and perhaps also uses their car slightly less in their home city)

  • TGS do good for our teams (taking time to walk with your team creates a great connection and can even make you healthier and more productive.)
  • TGS do good for the image of our network and make new friends (TGS stands for Think Global Sustainability so we’re putting our words into physical action and we’re reaching out to our contacts to join with us and participate.)


How can you contribute to ‘TGS Walks Round The World’?

If you would like to participate, all you have to do is download the RaceNation App, donate $5 to the WWF, find our event in RaceNation, go for a walk then record the distance you cover on the App. Walk some more, then record the distance you cover to the RaceNation app. Walk some more, then record the distance you cover to the RaceNation app…until the 6th of June.


The best way to participate is to also have a free account on the Strava app. This means you will be able to upload several walks to our event and the amount will be added to the total…and we’ll need you to do that because we have to cover 40 000kms from the 6th May to the 6th June.


Download the TGS Walks Round the World pdf user guide here for a more complete description of how it works.


As soon as you get active start sharing your pictures with us of where you are walking. With 70 members in 59 countries we will collect some really great pictures and videos. You will find all the pictures on our TGS LinkedIn page with the hashtag #tgsmademedosomething


Thank you so much for joining us in the adventure and we look forward to e-meeting you and to seeing your pictures.

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Rekomendasi Artikel.