Investigative Audit To Solve Fina

An investigative audit is a process of seeking, discovering, and gathering facts in a systematic and measurable manner with the aim of disclosing whether or not an act and the perpetrator occurred to assist stakeholders in reaching a conclusion on the benefits of reports from ... Read more

The Categories of Financial Accou

The Categories of Financial Accounting Standards in Indonesia TGS AU Partners responded positively to the issuance of the Pillars of Financial Accounting Standards by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants. Mikail Jaman, managing partner, KAP Agus Ubaidillah & Rekan (TGS ... Read more

Benefit in kind expense become a

Benefit in kind expense is a deductible expenses for company tax but it is taxable for the employee in Indonesia Benefit in kind expense becomes a deductible expense but also becomes an object of income tax for its recipients with Law number 7 of 2021 regarding Harmonization ... Read more

Guide of Tax Facilities in Indone

Tax Facilities in Indonesia The Indonesian government provides tax facilities in Indonesia for Indonesian limited liability companies including: Companies in certain pioneer business fields with a minimum investment starting from 500 billion rupiah Companies ... Read more

Indonesian Corporate Tax Introduc

Introduction of taxation in Indonesia   Income tax is imposed on income received by corporate taxpayers (companies and other types of legal entities) and individual taxpayers. Income tax is also imposed on income received by foreign taxpayers originating from ... Read more

Income Below 500 Million Rupiah i

According to Government Regulation (GR) number 55 of 2022, income of up to 500 million rupiah received by certain taxpayers who are subject to final tax (businesses with turnover below 4.8 billion rupiah in 1 tax year and fulfill the requirements according to GR 55 of 2022), ... Read more