X Group Advisory is a company that focuses on business consulting, tax, human resource management, and IT.

Tax Services

Our tax team consists of tax consultants, tax attorneys, and senior tax practitioners who have wide experience in the area of taxation, including tax advisory, tax reporting, transfer pricing, tax refunds, audits, and tax court. Our clients include multinational companies, national private companies, both private and public companies, including individuals.

Our tax team is active in both national and international tax communities, including the International Fiscal Association and the TGS Global Tax Committee. Coupled with this, we get access to information and best practices for taxation which will certainly help in every job.

We help clients with our tax services including:

  • Monthly and annual income tax calculation and reporting

  • Value-added tax calculation and reporting

  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation

  • Tax advisory on transactions

  • Tax planning

  • Tax audit assistance

  • Tax court process assistance

  • Obtaining tax facilities

Business Advisory

Our team of business consultants is experienced in the fields of corporate finance, internal control, and business processes. Our business consulting services include the following:

  • Preparing the prospectus and deck material for investors

  • Preparation of a feasibility study of an ongoing business plan or business activity

  • Formulating the strategy to deal with investors and potential buyers

  • Designing an internal control system

  • Business process improvement

  • Business valuation calculations

  • Preparation for go-public or IPO

  • Set-up new company

  • Company liquidation

  • Business transaction consulting

  • Mergers and acquisitions

HR Management Consultant

Our consultant team is experienced in helping businesses to improve the effectiveness of the performance of their human resources. Our HR management consulting services include the following:

  • Creating organizational designs

  • Consulting for human resource management

  • Designing the company employee policies and regulations

  • Employee assessment

  • Job and career design

IT Consultant

Our team of IT consultants is experienced in the field of business process digitization. Our IT consulting services include the following:

  • Digitalization business process

  • Business process improvement using technology

  • Creating information systems and implementing supporting technology

  • ERP system implementation and customization

  • Creating IT applications

  • Implementation of business apps, I.e accounting, finance, sales and marketing, inventory, procurement, supply chain management