TGS AU Partners is a group of Indonesian professional firm which specialized in taxation, auditing, accounting, legal, human resources, and advisory. The firm consists of KAP Agus Ubaidillah dan Rekan, Firma X Group Advisory, PT AUP Grup Indonesia, and Adishta Yogaswara Law Office. TGS AU Partners is an independent member of TGS, an international network of accounting and consulting firm with head office in Paris, France.


The inception of The Group

The group has its beginning from the inception of KAP Drs Agus Ubaidillah in 1992 by Drs Agus Ubaidillah an Indonesian accountant with business and accounting expertise. He sets entrepreneurial values as one of the key different values of the firm. For the first two decades of the firm history, the firm has focused on accounting services, advisory in taxation, and business management.


Business Transformation

In 2011, the firm become a partnership entity KAP Agus Ubaidillah & Rekan. The partner of the firm introduces commercial brand AU Partners in 2014 to promote integrated professional service of accounting and finance under one roof. During 2015-2020, the group expands its services, including legal consulting, information technology, and HR consulting, in addition to the audit, accounting, and tax.


TGS AU Partners is an Ecosystem for Business

The firm mission is to become an ecosystem for the clients, where we facilitate our clients, access to the potential business partner, customers, and investors.


Network and License

The firm is also a member of the international chamber of commerce and business association, including the French Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and other prominent business associations. The firm is registered under the Minister of Finance (Kementerian Keuangan), Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) for capital market and banking institution, State Auditor Agency (Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan).



Our Team

The TGS AU Partners team consists of various backgrounds including certified public accountants, chartered accountants, tax consultants, tax attorneys, lawyers, HR management consultants, and information system consultants. Our multi-disciplinary team is able to bring a comprehensive perspective, giving clients an advantage with the right practical solution.


We have more than 25 highly trained and passionate key personnel with degrees in accounting, law, and management, as well as relevant certifications in their respective fields.


Our team is active in various professional association activities for the development of their expertise, including sharing the knowledge with the business community through seminars, writing, and videos about accounting, finance, tax, and business on social media.


Our professional team is member of a relevant professional association, including:

  • Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of Public Accountants)

  • Ikatan Konsultan Pajak Indonesia (Indonesian Tax Consultants Association)

  • Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (Indonesian Advocates Association)


Our professional team is licensed under:

  • Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia (Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia)

  • Otoritas Jasa Keuangan Republik Indonesia (The Financial Services Authority in Indonesia


We are partnering with:

  • ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales) as an Authorised Training Employer.