Internal Control and Governance

Effective internal control and good governance are essential to maintain stakeholder trust in the company. TGS AU Partners consulting team with its expertise in assurance and governance can help companies to:

  • Assessment and analyzing risks
  • Establish necessary procedures to mitigate risks
  • Monitoring the internal control system
  • Conduct internal audit audit
  • Implementation of quality standards such as ISO
  • Reviewing the design of the internal control system
  • Conducting an assessment of corporate governance

Our consulting services related to internal control and governance for companies include consulting, design, review and implementation of internal control system, system operating procedures, organization code of conduct, structure and board composition.

  • Business process review
  • Design the standard operating procedures
  • Improvement of standard operating procedure
  • Internal control system design
  • Perform internal audit
  • Implementation of standard operating procedures
  • Good Corporate Governance Consultation
  • Consultation for the implementation of ISO quality standards