TGS AU Partners
Audit and Financial Reporting

As an audit firm with history of more than 30 years, TGS AU Partners - KAP Agus Ubaidillah dan Rekan, conduct the audit and other professional services in accordance with the public accountant professional standards. 

Management and Technology Consulting

Our consultants help business to optimize their business processes, mitigate risks, and increasing business valuation with Technology, Strategy and HR management consulting.

Tax Consulting and Transaction Advisory

TGS AU Partners Tax and Legal Team, with their comprehensive tax and legal work experience, helps businesses and individuals to achieve their goals with independent and appropriate advice.

Integrated Professional Services, One Place for All Solutions

Connecting with us means clients have access to multidisciplinary consultants and professionals with an international network. The advantage is that it opens up new potential customers and new sources of funding, not only from domestic but also overseas.

  • Audit. Independent audit performed by the experienced auditor.
  • Tax. Providing the right tax advice to help you to achieve your commercial purpose.
  • Legal. We help to manage your business legal compliance and assist you in the litigation.
  • Business Consulting. We assist you to Improve business performance.

Business Solutions from TGS Indonesia


Audit Service in Indonesia

The objective of an audit is to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, and to issue an . . .


Accounting service

We assist you on implementation of accounting standards, accounting system, bookkeeping or financial statements . . .


Business Technology and Digital

Technology and digital consulting services to drive business transformation. The creation of information systems and the application of supporting technologies and the implementation of ERP systems . . .


HR Consulting

Our HR Consultants assist the organization to improve the HR management, for example, organization design, job structuring, review and improvement of HR policy and implementation, . . .


Corporate Finance

KAP Agus Ubaidillah dan Rekan (TGS AU Partners) assists you in preparing prospectus materials and decks for investors, calculating business valuations, can consult in matters with investors or . . .


Internal Control and Governance

Internal control and governance professional services to improve business efficiency. Effective internal control and good governance are essential to maintain stakeholders' trust in the company. . . .

Our Services

The Right Solution for You to Start a Business

Selecting a business entity and/or structure of entities
  • Tax and business analysis of business scheme or business entity structures, including its alternative

The right business plan
  • Analysis of business strategy and spending budget

Financial governance, financial reporting and taxation
  • Preparing and implementing SOPs for business processes, accounting systems, selecting accounting standards, reviewing financial reports regularly, calculating and reporting taxes, and carrying out bookkeeping or financial administration.

Source of fund
  • Connecting to funding networks such as banks and investors

The Best Business Solution for Development and Expansion

Mergers and acquisitions to increase business capacity and valuation
  • Perform financial & tax due diligence on target entities, assist in analyzing acquisition prices based on analysis of valuations, tax analysis of transactions

Fundraise the most efficient cost of fund to financing sustainable growth
  • Perform audits of financial statements or compilation of financial reports and connections to funding networks such as banks and investors

Solid business processes to maintain key values while growing
  • Reviewing and designing internal control improvements to safeguard assets and risk of loss, including financial and accounting SOPs that are integrated with all aspect of business

  • Implementation of management and accounting information systems with digital technology

The Best Business Solution to Go Public

Assessment of the company's readiness to go public
  • Reviewing accounting, financial, management, legal and organizational aspects.

IPO consultants
  • Analysis of the entity structure to see if there is a need for restructuring to obtain optimal valuation

  • Access to pre-IPO funding to increase capacity to increase company valuation

  • Help you to prepare aspects of accounting, management and organizational governance, including underwriter, capital market supporting institutions, and professions, including assistance in the registration process

Financial report auditors
  • Conduct financial statement audits and issue comfort letters required for the due diligence process by the underwriters and the Financial Services Authority

The Best Business Solution for You in Post IPO or Exit the Business

Statutory audit
  • As an auditor who audits the annual financial statements

Finance report
  • Prepare financial reports required by regulation

  • Application of the latest accounting standards

Exit by selling the business or equity at the best price
  • Business valuation analysis

  • Help make the necessary adjustment to increase business valuation

  • Set up a business sales structure with low tax costs

Latest Article

Implementation of SA 600 in the Audit of SOEs and State-Owned Enterprises

The implementation of SA 600 in auditing the financial statements of BLUDs and BUMNs is a critical step in preserving the credibility and transparency of these entities. Auditors must adhere to the guidelines provided in the 2021 revision of SA 600 to ensure that audits are conducted effectively, independently, and objectively. . . .

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How to Supervise the Implementation of the Principle of Recognizing Service Users

Implementation of the Principle of Recognizing Service Users (PMPJ) has been emphasized more in service sector. PMPJ has evolved into an essential foundation that needs to be applied to provide technical guidance, mandatory of Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) through PMK No. 155/PMK.01/2017. . . .

Technical Gathering on Friday “Identifying and Assessment of Risk of Material Misstatements by Understanding the Entity (ISA 315) - Part 3”

Internal control is a process designed and implemented by an organization to ensure goal achievement, operational efficiency, financial reporting accuracy, and regulatory compliance. The components of internal control are often referred to as the "COSO Internal Control Framework" (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission), which is a general guide to internal control. . . .

Main Article

Tax 6c08ba1582f67ffe083193b24eb98777.jpg

How to Supervise the Implementation of the Principle of Recognizing Service Users

Implementation of the Principle of Recognizing Service Users (PMPJ) has been emphasized more in service sector. PMPJ has evolved into an essential foundation that needs to be applied to provide technical guidance, mandatory of Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) through PMK No. 155/PMK.01/2017. . . .

Tax dad38b2d583d56b4075641d6f3722d3c.jpg

PMK 68/2023 Issued, Here Are the Provisions for Granting, Suspension, and Revocation of NPPBKC

The recently issued PMK has become the main focus among business stakeholders because it addresses the issuance of the Nomor Pokok Pengusaha Barang Kena Cukai (NPPBKC), a unique identification number for individuals engaged in the production, distribution, and trade of excisable goods. . . .

Tax 093214ef213f932aca9e15761e4ffc52.jpg

The Position of the Tax Court in Indonesia After the Ruling of MK 26/PUU-XXI/2023

Putusan Mahkamah Konstitusi Nomor 26/PUU-XXI/2023 has been officially announced, so what is the position of the tax court in Indonesia after the Constitutional Court's ruling? Find out more in this article! . . .

What Our Clients Say

Our team has provide service to multinational companies and national local company. Our clients comments on our works are as follows:

“We can confidently recommend KAP Agus Ubaidillah & Rekan, as a good professional partner, and experts in their field.“ 


Tomasz Wilk
Geofizyka Torun SA

“I would highly recommend their services to other potential customers.”

Jim Filgo
AmCham Indonesia, PT Consolidated Services International

Our Professionals

We have more than 40 key professionals with experience, highly trained and passionate with degrees in accounting, law, IT and business management, as well as relevant certifications in their respective field.

team image
Drs Agus Ubaidillah Ak, CPA, CA
, Senior

The Managing Partner of KAP Agus Ubaidillah dan Rekan.

In TGS AU Partners he takes the role of a strategic

Drs Agus Ubaidillah Ak, CPA, CA
, Senior

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Mikail Jaman Ak, M.Ak, CA., CPA., CPI
, Managing

Mikail started his professional career as auditor and consultant since 2007. He earned the CPA and Register

Mikail Jaman Ak, M.Ak, CA., CPA., CPI
, Managing

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Venna Priscilla, Ak, CA

Venna has nearly 10 years of professional experience in accounting, tax, and auditing, in the service, trade, manufac

Venna Priscilla, Ak, CA

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