Business Restructuring and Recovery Service

At some point in its lifecycle, every business will experience distress. Abrupt changes in market conditions or demand, shifts in the availability of financing, loss of major clients, disruptive technological change, and other factors can all have rapid effects on an organization’s prospects. Declining profitability, tight liquidity, credit unavailability, debts in excess of asset book value, and other factors are clear signs of a company in need of assistance — and these difficulties can strain the decision-making capabilities of even the strongest leaders. 

We work with financial stakeholders to conduct a review of the liquidity and related cash flow forecasts of borrowers to understand and analyse drivers of cash flow, as well as administrations and liquidations.

Working closely with management and boards of distressed companies to stabilise crisis situations, we can address significant under performance and restructure balance sheets.

  • Preparing and reviewing business plans (IBRs)
  • Turnaround and performance improvement
  • Stakeholder options analysis (entity priority / liquidation models)
  • Financial restructuring execution (stakeholder management, negotiation support)
  • Crisis management
  • Chief restructuring officer (CRO) / interim management
  • Supply chain risk mitigation