Tax Appeal Consultant and Tax Attorney at the Tax Court in Indonesia

The team of consultants and tax attorneys TGS AU Partners provides tax litigation services for companies or individual taxpayers in Indonesia. The advantages of our solutions for tax audits, objections, and appeals, are as follows:

  • Deep expertise and experienced tax team
  • Tax strategy with the right approach
  • Responsive team in assisting or representing companies in tax disputes

Several Important Matters Related to the Tax Appeal Process in Indonesia

Important matters related to the tax appeal process in Indonesia include:

  1. Taxpayers can only submit an appeal to the tax court on the Objection Decision Letter.
  2. The decision of the Tax Court is a decision of a special court within the state administrative court.
  3. An appeal letter is submitted in writing in Indonesian with clear reasons no later than 3 (three) months after the Objection Decision is received and accompanied by a copy of the Objection Decision.
  4. If requested by the Taxpayer in the context of filing an appeal, the Director General of Taxes is obliged to provide written information regarding the matters that form the basis for the Objection Decision Letter issued.
  5. In the event that the Taxpayer files an appeal, the period for payment of tax on the amount of tax that has not been paid at the time of filing the objection, is suspended for up to 1 (one) month from the date of issuance of the Decision Letter on Appeal. .
  6. The amount of unpaid tax at the time of filing the appeal has not become tax payable until the issuance of a decision on the appeal.
  7. In the event that the application for appeal is rejected or partially granted, the Taxpayer is subject to a tax penalty of 100% (one hundred percent) of the total taxes based on the Appeal Decision minus the payment of taxes already paid prior to submitting the application for an appealing object.

The Scope of the Services of Consultants and Tax Lawyers is Being Appealed to the Tax Court in Indonesia

We assist companies in the Appeal process at the Indonesian Tax Court to defend the company's tax position with respect to the Objection Decision Letter issued by the tax office based on a tax audit. The important thing in the appeal process is the preparation of a strong explanation of the reasons for the appeal against the Objection Decision.
The scope of tax services for the appeal process from the TGS AU Partners team of tax consultants and attorneys is as follows:

  1. Representing company management in the appeal process at the Indonesian tax court.
  2. Help the client to form arguments in a formal letter to defend the company's tax position.
  3. Assisting clients in defending the company's position in the appeal process at the Tax Court.
  4. Analyze and formulate the right approach strategy in completing the appeal process.

Why TGS AU Partners

The tax team consists of tax consultants and tax attorneys registered with the Tax Courts in Indonesia who have experience with various tax disputes and are active in the national and international tax community, including local tax authorities, the International Fiscal Association, and the TGS Global Tax Committee.

Through a variety of jobs, experiences and related activities, we have access to tax information and best practices which will certainly assist in any tax work, especially tax consultation and litigation, including tax appeals in the Indonesian tax court.