Tax Consulting Service in Indonesia

Taxes are almost involved in every transaction, so it is important for companies to ensure the tax imposed is right, where sometimes tax consulting service from tax experts is required. The goal is to avoid tax errors and unnecessary expenses due to incorrect tax applications. We help clients with tax planning to help them achieve their business goals. Our tax consulting service methodology is based on Indonesian tax regulations, best practices, and tax precedents. The product of our tax consulting services includes proposing changes in business legal structure, proposed transactions, or business process schemes.


Our tax team has comprehensive experience in the field of taxation, including tax reporting, transfer pricing, tax refunds, audits, consulting and tax courts. We assist clients with our tax services including:

  • Monthly and annual income tax calculation and reporting
  • Calculation and reporting of value-added tax
  • Preparation of transfer price documentation
  • Tax consultation on transactions
  • Tax planning
  • Tax audit assistance
  • Tax litigation assistance
  • Obtaining tax facilities

Other Jurisdiction Tax Consulting Services

With TGS Network, we are able to provide you with a single contact for your international business operations. TGS firm offices presence in more than 70 countries. We offer you high-quality service delivery with comprehensive solutions that are cost-efficient, including tax consulting services.

Independent Advice for Client's Interest

Our guarantee for tax services is timely delivery, deep knowledge of tax regulations that provide objective advice and responsiveness to each client's needs.

Our Tax Clients

Our clients include multinational companies, state-owned enterprises, national private companies, both private and public companies, including individuals.

TGS Indonesia Tax Service Team

Our tax team is active in both national and international tax communities, including local tax authorities, the International Fiscal Association, and the TGS Global Tax Committee. Our regular tax seminar and training helps to shape our tax know-how. Through the variety of works and activities, we have access to information and best practices for taxation which will certainly help in every tax work, especially international tax consulting and litigation.