Bookkeeping Service

TGS AU Partners provides bookkeeping services for companies. The advantages of TGS AU Partners in bookkeeping service are:

  • Deep expertise and experienced accounting team with international quality standards
  • Using cloud accounting software according to the requirement of the client or our recommendations
  • Real-time financial information
  • Practical advice to improve the company's financial performance

The Scope of Bookkeeping Service

Our bookkeeping service includes recording transactions, accounting calculations, and presenting financial information for companies. Examples of financial accounting bookkeeping work include:

  • Recording sales based on bills or invoices
  • Recording payments from customers
  • Recording invoices from vendors or suppliers
  • Payments to vendors or suppliers
  • Recording of employee salary payments
  • Calculation of assets depreciation and amortization
  • Calculation of revenue and expense recognition in accordance with financial accounting standards

Bookkeeping Service Deliverables by TGS AU Partners

Deliverables from TGS AU Partners bookkeeping services are:

  • Monthly statement of financial position.
  • Monthly profit/loss report.
  • Monthly cash flow statement.
  • Annual finance report

TGS AU Partners Bookkeeping Service work process

  1. First, we start with a meeting to understand the company's business processes because each company has its own uniqueness. Thus, we can carry out the work smoothly.
  2. Transaction data is provided by the client via email, google drive, or other data storage applications.
  3. The accounting service team of TGS AU Partners performs bookkeeping and transactions from the data you provide.
  4. You can access financial reports and accounting records online in the online accounting software that you have used or use the online accounting system provided by TGS AU Partners.
  5. The TGS AU Partners team will send a tax calculation report every month for tax payment and tax return reporting according to the scheduled date.
  6. Monthly periodic reports are sent to the company along with a note of our advice regarding finances if there are things that need the company's attention.

TGS AU Partners Accounting Team

Our team is experienced in preparing financial reports for preparation for go-public, external audits by the big four audit firms to obtain loans from banks or other financial institutions, including raising funds from potential investors or corporate buyers. Whether the financial statements using generally accepted accounting standards (PSAK), SME SFAS (PSAK EMKM), SAK ETAP, our team can help clients to prepare their financial reports.