From June 10th to 11th, 2024, TGS Asia Pacific held a regional conference at the Pullman Orchard Hotel in Singapore. The event brought together 17 delegates from eight countries, representing TGS Asia Pacific member firms from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nepal, China, and the Philippines.

Nama Perusahaan Negara
Maggie Ma TGS Haoxin China
Lin Tang TGS Haoxin China
Cavern Cheng TGS Nortex China
Kazuhisa Mochizuki Mochizuki & Associates China
Nickson Yuen Ching Fung TGS Aitia Hongkong
Mikail Jaman TGS AU Partners Indonesia
Dimas Anas TGS AU Partners Indonesia
Steve Ooi TGS TW Malaysia
Tan Tian Wooi TGS TW Malaysia
Rakin Bhansakarya AB & Associates Nepal
Jason Ryan DBA Philippines
Darlow Parazo DBA Philippines
Chang Ching Chew TGS C&T Singapore
Hui Min Chew TGS C&T Singapore
Hui Min Chew TGS C&T Singapore
Siong Yoong Vallaris Private Limited Singapore
David Hsiung Vallaris Private Limited Singapore


This conference was not only a platform to strengthen member relationships but also an opportunity to share business updates and explore strategies for elevating TGS Global to become a top-tier international network. The first day started with a compelling regional performance presentation by Mr. Mikail Jaman, representing TGS Asia Pacific.

Mr. Mikail Jaman on TGS Conference in Singapore (10/6)

Following the engaging performance of Mr. Mikail Jaman, we move onto many exciting agenda ahead, starting from quality program updates. As a platform with an international network abroad, we value the excellent qualities of our services. Thus, TGS Global members must exceed certain qualifications in giving accounting, tax, and audit as business to business services.

Aside from TGS program updates, we also carried a warm welcoming session for our new members, had a compelling lunch, then gave the newest update on ESG regulations and international business development to be applied for TGS members. The day ended with a friendly dinner among the attendants.

Day two began with a sharing session on conducting business in the Asia Pacific region, followed by discussions on maximizing the benefits of TGS network membership. Siong Yoong, CEO of Vallaris, the newest TGS member firm in Singapore, posed a thought-provoking challenge: “Generally, you expect about a 10% return on investment on your network membership. Why limit expectations to 10%? Why not aim for 10X?”

And that is what we do for sure! Aiming a tenfold Return on Investment for TGS membership network.

Mr. Siong Yoong, CEO of Vallaris Private Limited Singapore (10/6)

The conference concluded with a relaxed lunch. Conference participants then visited several key business sites, including the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), Vallaris Private Limited, and TGS Singapore C&T office, enhancing their understanding of the local business environment and fostering further collaboration with TGS.

CEO of TGS Marc Desjardins along with the APAC Delegates meet with ISCA CEO Ms. Fann Kor and ISCA divisional director Ms. Lin Fua (11/6)


Mr. Marc Desjardins as the CEO of TGS (10/6)

Mr. David Hsiung Delegating TGS D&C Taiwan (10/6)

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Mr. Chang Ching Chew and Mrs. Hui Min Chew Delegating TGS C&T Singapore (10/6)

Mr. Steve Ooi and Mr. Simon from TGS TW Malaysia (10/6)


Left to Right: Mr. Rakin Bhansakarya Delegating TGS A&B Associates Nepal, Mr. Marc Desjardins as the CEO of TGS, Mr. Mikail Jaman Delegating TGS AU & Partners Indonesia, and Mr. Dimas Anas Delegating TGS AU & Partners Indonesia (10/6)


TGS APAC Delegates visited the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant with the CEO of TGS Mr. Marc Desjardins (11/6)


CEO of TGS Mr. Marc Desjardins with TGS C&T Team at Their Office (11/6)


Friendly-Networking Dinner with TGS Asia Pacific Delegates (11/06)


Mr. Marc Desjardins along with TGS APAC Delegates Meet with SGX Group (12/6)


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