Why business should invest in Nepal and Appealing Sector for FDI in Nepal in 2024

Investing in Nepal presents a compelling proposition for businesses seeking new opportunities and sustainable growth. Three top factors make Nepal an attractive destination for investment:

Strategic Location

Nepal is strategically located between two rapidly growing economies, India and China. This geographic advantage positions it as a potential gateway for businesses looking to tap into these markets.

Abundant Natural Resources

Nepal boasts rich natural resources, including hydropower potential, minerals, and fertile land. These resources present opportunities for investment in sectors such as energy, mining, and agriculture.

Growing Consumer Market

The country has a young and growing population, offering a burgeoning consumer market. This demographic trend is indicative of increasing purchasing power and a rising demand for various goods and services.

Sudarshan Adhikari, Managing Partner of AB Associates (TGS member firm in Nepal) shares his views about why invest in Nepal is attractive:

“Nepal offers a unique confluence of strategic location, rich resources, rising consumer market, low market penetration, rising disposable income, increasing urbanization, expanding digital connectivity and growing tourism making it a compelling investment destination.

Nepal is not just an investment destination; it's an invitation to co-create a future woven with sustainability, responsible development, and shared prosperity. TGS AB & Associates is proud to be your partner in navigating this unique landscape. Let's embark on this journey together, not just as investors, but as storytellers shaping Nepal's economic narrative.”

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