Changes in technology and the business world have brought the profession of public accountants, accountants and tax consultants into different situations, our progress depends on how we adapt to these situations.

This is what TGS AU Partners does, continuously innovating to provide service products needed by the market, developing systems by utilizing supporting technology to produce quality services and a sustainable professional business.

Who Can Join TGS AU Partners?

We invite to join with TGS AU Partners, public accountants and consultants in Indonesia both practicing and newly licensed to practice and wish to develop their own professional practice, as long as it focuses on quality and a passion for innovation.

TGS AU Partners Collaboration Concept

The background of the TGS AU Partners business concept is the changing needs of service users from traditional services provided by public accountants such as bookkeeping and auditing to consulting, specifically to support clients to continue to grow in conditions like the ones we are facing now.

The principle of cooperation that is built on TGS AU Partners is close cooperation between partners, continuously improving quality to provide greater value benefits to service users.

Benefits of Joining TGS AU Partners

The benefits of public accountants and consultants in Indonesia for joining the TGS AU Partners include the following:

  • Expand the market and business opportunities for your public accounting firm

Increase business opportunities with the support of more than 30 years of office experience, referral opportunities, marketing support, international network, and recognized brands

  • Increase the profitability of your public accounting firm

Robust system and technology support (such as and, to deliver quality services and greater business performance

  • Quality assurance

Quality-oriented work standards, including periodic reviews of the quality of work to improve professional practice

  • Build a team full of capable professionals

Become more attractive to recruit competent human resources and always improve team capabilities with our online training facilities and libraries that are available and accessible at any time by partners and their teams

  • Focus on your client

Take advantage of support services from TGS AU Partners including administrative services, human resource management, marketing, and information technology so you can focus on your service clients

  • Your name your brand together with TGS AU Partners

Maintain your independence in commercial decisions such as making decisions about the fees for services

Steps to Join TGS AU Partners

The TGS AU Partners group is all about building professional personal relationships, the process of joining is meant to get to know you better, and to find a match between your mission and the vision of TGS AU Partners. The process to join includes meeting with you and your team, as we want to build lasting professional and personal business relationships. Our estimate for the entire joining process will take around 2-3 months. 

The following are the stages of the joining process:

  1. The letter of interest in joining is accompanied by reasons and your business development plan

  2. Initial introductory meeting and exchange of information

  3. Quality review (with confidentiality agreement)

  4. Signing of a cooperation agreement

  5. Legal and licensing management

  6. Preparation of office facilities and preparation of personnel administration

  7. Supporting technology application setup

Contact the TGS AU Partners Success Team

Share your business vision with us, we will be happy to discuss with you to find a solution for your needs.