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The Auditors Responsibilities Reg

Fraud is an intentional act by an individual or management, those charged with governance, employees, or third parties, involving the use of deception to obtain an unfair or unlawful advantage.   The auditor is responsible for assessing material misstatements in the ... Read more

TGS Walks Round the World

Why are TGS walking round the world? TGS Regional conference season means we normally spend the month of May on a world tour to meet our members in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas. This year, of course, we can’t travel and our conferences are online. We have a much ... Read more

PPKM Mikro and What are the Chang

PPKM Mikro and What are the Key Rules for Business The Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, has issued Minister of Home Affairs Instruction No. 3 of 2021 which regulates the Enforcement of Restrictions on Micro-Based Community Activities (PPKM Micro Scale) in parts ... Read more

Initial Public Offering Requireme

Persyaratan Perusahaan untuk IPO atau Go Public Go public menjadi salah satu cara bagi perusahaan untuk mendapatkan pendanaan dan status yang lebih prestise. Dalam pembahasan kali ini, kami akan membahas mengenai syarat-syarat perusahaan untuk dapat melakukan penawaran umum ... Read more

Paket Stimulus Ekonomi Tahun 2021

Paket Stimulus Ekonomi Tahun 2021 Memasuki tahun kedua masa pandemi, pemerintah sudah mempersiapkan anggaran untuk pemulihan ekonomi. Program Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional (PEN) merupakan salah satu strategi Pemerintah Indonesia dalam meraih pemulihan ekonomi di tahun 2021. ... Read more