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Investment Entities : Exceptions

Consolidated Financial Statements are financial statements that present financial information belonging to the parent and several subsidiaries as if they were one entity. The purpose of the preparation of the report is to provide an overall, objective picture of the financial ... Read more

Standard on Auditing (SA) 701:

This audit standard’s draft exposure was issued as of December 19, 2019, which regulates the auditor's responsibility to communicate key audit matters in the auditor's report. The purpose of communicating the main audit is to improve the communicative value of the ... Read more

Audit Fees of Public Accountants

The audit fees by public accounting firms in Indonesia can vary from tens of millions of rupiah to billions of rupiah per year. The audit fee will be determined by three components, namely the number of audit personnel, the time of personnel to be used for audit work, and the ... Read more

Events After the Reporting Period

Generally, the end date of a company's financial reporting is December 31 and the preparation of the annual financial statements is usually completed after some time. In the period from the end of reporting date to the completion of preparation, events may occur that affect ... Read more

Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic o

The beginning of 2020 was a very turbulent period in all corners of the world where the covid-19 virus outbreak that emerged at the end of 2019, spread rapidly to all corners of the world which resulted in a global pandemic. The number of positive confirmed cases that continue ... Read more