Branch Office Malang - Indonesia

Business in Malang, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, or Nusa Tenggara Timur can have the solutions for their business and personal needs that are professionally managed under one roof, client making use various services from TGS AU Partners and KAP Agus Ubaidillah & Rekan, audit, accounting and taxation. The professional team at the Malang branch office led by the Branch Office Head, Dimas Anas, Ak, M.SA, CPA, CA understands what each client wants to achieve, designs a plan to give clients the best choice to achieve their goals.

Whether you need support for business development or for exit, we have the network and professionals to help you. Our expertise spans international expansion and new markets, as well as transaction advice, IPO support and financial planning. At every stage of your business, we think of a solution to suit your specific needs, based on comprehensive knowledge of your business.

TGS AU Partners Malang branch office offers a variety of services to support your business ambitions including business planning, acquisitions and spin-offs, advice to increase valuation through acquisitions, mergers and de-mergers, fund raising with competitive cost of fund sources, solutions to long-term succession problems term and financial planning for exit or retirement.