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Why you need our business valuation advisory service?

 For transactions involving the enterprise as a whole or partial equity interests, the decision maker will need a reference for the pricing. Our business valuation advisory service can help you reach a scientific conclusion of the value range based on various facts concerning the potential deal:

• Structure of the transaction. Different transaction structure can imply different underlying assumptions for the valuation, and hence different conclusions. E.g., transaction for the enterprise as a whole or minority equity interest, not only implies different cash flow assumptions, but also different considerations of value adjustment. As a result, the end result could be far from each other;

• Special consideration of the subject enterprise, may implies adjustment in the financial forecast to exclude or include certain factors. These adjustment shall also be determined based on the transaction structure;

• Due to different investment purpose, strategic investors and financial investors normally use different transaction structures, reaching different valuation of the same target company;

• Due to the above-mentioned factors, the quick and dirty multiple method for most of the time cannot give a reliable value indication. Company need seasoned analyst to help analyze these factors and to maximize the shareholders?? value;

• We can also provide scientific and objective computer generated model to help the decision maker.


Difference between value and price

Price is a determined exact number. Value, however, is dependent on the judgment call of buyer and seller based on various economic factors. Due to the fact that different judgment can be reached by different people and based on different assessment of economic factors, the assessed value is not an exact number, but a relatively wide range. The decision maker need scientific, objective and reliable reference. Traditional business valuation service cannot be capable of the highly volatile today??s market. Our service, however, to the most extent can support enterprise analyze the implications of different factors, reaching a scientific and reliable value range.


What differentiate us?

Our service is differentiated based on our accumulated know-how in the business valuation and valuation for financial reporting field, combining the traditional valuation method and advanced computer model and based on the internally developed empirical database.


What can our service support for?

• To negotiate with the counterparty in the transactions involving the enterprise as a whole or the partial equity interest of an enterprise;

• To determine the appropriate compensation when planning for stock option plans to employees;

• When contingent consideration is involved, we can help you analyze and reach concrete conclusion;

• For funding transactions, we can help you understand the relationship between the bid price and the requested future performance;

• As a reference for the offering price to new shareholder or to redeem the shares;


What information we need to conduct a business valuation

The typical information we need for a business valuation include the business overview, future planning and financial forecast, historical financial information, etc.


How we charge for the business valuation

Our fee quote is based on the time consumed by our analyst and the size of the target enterprise. Our target is to help company with the long-term and steady growth. As a result, our service charge is relatively a small portion of the value of the whole business.