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Perusahaan E-Commerce

Audit for E-Commerce Company

An e-commerce company requests us to perform a financial statements audit for 2 years for potential investors. It takes an audit with a quick time but the results are still good, it's contradictory, isn't it? With about 3 weeks, the audit results can be obtained. How is it possible?

We assign 1 manager and 2 audit teams to carry out audits per year in parallel, with each team containing 4 auditors. We started 1-2 days of work to identify significant areas of high risk, as well as carry out a confirmation process with third parties and physical observations and calculations. With an audit system using our online application, we work simultaneously and collaboratively, cutting the time needed to be very effective. Of course, with extra overtime and dedicated work from the team, as well as good cooperation from the client's accounting team.

The audit findings are communicated immediately without waiting for the final time, so that adjustments or corrections to the financial statements can be made gradually, by the end of the second week the results have been obtained. Finalization is carried out in the third week.