Job Lost Social Security Program

Job Lost Security ("JKP") is social security provided to workers or employees who have experienced termination of employment (PHK). The benefits provided by JKP include cash benefits, access to job market information, and job training. Job Loss Security is one of ... Read more

The Requirements for the Exemptio

After discussing the articles on income tax on dividends which are tax-exempt through the Job Creation Law (Law Number 11 of 2020), with the issuance of the Minister of Finance Regulation Number 18 of 2021 which is effective on 17 February 2021, in this article we will explain ... Read more

Income Tax on Expatriates who wor

One of the key items in the Job Creation Law is the implementation of the territorial tax system from the worldwide tax system previously.   This article is an update on the Income Tax of Expatriates who work in Indonesia, which now for some jobs ... Read more

Example of Calculating the Imposi

The following is an example of calculating the imposition of income tax cited from Appendix V of PMK 18 of 2021 regarding the Implementation of the Job Creation Law (Tax Cluster). Our article regarding the criteria, requirements, and type of jobs that are eligible for the ... Read more

Minister of Finance Regulation Re

The Minister of Finance has issued the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 18 of 2021 related to the Implementation of the Job Creation Law No. 11 of 2020 for the Taxation cluster.   This regulation (PMK 18/2021) contains detailed provisions regarding income tax ... Read more