Financial Statement Audit Obligat

Based on the Minister of Trade Regulation number Per - 9 Oct 2018, companies that are required to audit financial statements are companies with the following criteria:   a. Limited Liability Company that has met one of the following criteria: 1) is a Public ... Read more

Identify Internal Control Weaknes

Internal controls that are designed and implemented properly will improve a financial report. The auditor as an independent professional is required to be able to identify whether there are any internal control weaknesses.   Internal control weakness can occur due to ... Read more

Increasing Covid-19 Positive Pati

The beginning of 2020 was a very turbulent period in all corners of the world where the covid-19 virus outbreak that emerged at the end of 2019, spread rapidly to all corners of the world which resulted in a global pandemic. The number of positive confirmed cases that continue ... Read more

Separate Financial Report by Pare

This Indonesia Financial Accounting Standards regulates when the parent wants to make separate financial statements. Separate financial statements only record assets, liabilities, parent equity and large investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates. In separate ... Read more

Standard on Auditing (SA) 706: Em

An Emphasis of Matter paragraph is a paragraph included in the auditor's report that refers to a matter that has been appropriately presented or disclosed in the financial statements that, in the auditor's judgment, is of such importance that it is fundamental to ... Read more

Statement of Financial Accounting

With the enactment of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK) 72 (Revenue from Customer Contracts) and Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (PSAK) 73 (Leases) for the financial year starting on January 1, 2020, with a quite crucial difference from the ... Read more

Accounting for Inventories Accord

Inventories accounting is very important for trading companies or manufacturing companies because it affects the measurement of company performance including the amount of gross profit, gross profit margin, net profit and total assets, especially current assets, thus accounting ... Read more

Regulation regarding Affiliated T

Affiliated transactions tend to involved in fraud cases i.e to manipulate the financial performance of the company, therefore, the regulation and supervision of affiliate transactions is more intensive.   It is not surprising that Indonesia Financial Services ... Read more

PSAK 72 Revenue from Customer Con

PSAK 72 Revenue from Customer Contract and Key Items to Address   Significance of the Implementation of PSAK 72   The enactment of PSAK 72 concerning Revenue from Customer Contracts, which requires implementation since the 2020 accounting year, can have a ... Read more

Informasi Keuangan Yang Harus Ada

Informasi Keuangan Yang Harus Ada Di Dalam Prospektus   Dalam pembahasan kali ini, kami akan membahas terkait informasi keuangan yang harus ada dalam prospektus. Pembahasan mengenai informasi non-keuangan akan kami bahas pada tulisan artikel kami yang lain. Mengacu ... Read more

Initial Public Offering Requireme

Persyaratan Perusahaan untuk IPO atau Go Public Go public menjadi salah satu cara bagi perusahaan untuk mendapatkan pendanaan dan status yang lebih prestise. Dalam pembahasan kali ini, kami akan membahas mengenai syarat-syarat perusahaan untuk dapat melakukan penawaran umum ... Read more

Brief Explanation of PSAK 71, 72

Brief Explanation of PSAK 71, 72 and 73   For the companies that use PSAK for their accounting policy, financial statements for the year 2020 could be affected by these accounting standards “PSAK” 71 (Financial instrument), 72 (Revenue ... Read more